Questions You Must Ask Before Your Website Redesign

Make Your Website a Sales Tool By Answering These Crucial Questions


Website redesigns should serve a critical role in your business — helping you generate new sales opportunities and generating leads.
The fact is that your customer is searching for solutions online, and when they find your website, it must give them a compelling reason to stay and read more.

You can’t have a great website redesign without considering your business goals, brand positioning, differentiation, messaging, and perhaps most importantly, how you want your target customer to interact with your company via your website.

Your website redesign should include a plan for how you’ll drive traffic to it, how you’ll convert visitors to leads, and how to leverage your website in your marketing efforts. Companies often redesign websites for the wrong reasons, like to make it look better aesthetically. If you redesign with only intentions of improving aesthetics, the “newness” wears off and business won’t pick up, leaving you frustrated.

The only way to successfully redesign is to think of your website as your best business development tool. How will it contribute to your sales goals this year and next? Think of redesigning your website as hiring a new salesperson – a superstar with high expectations. You’re going to make an investment in a new website, and the website has to be responsible for paying you back many times over for the investment.

47 Questions to Ask Before Your Website Redesign

Section 1: Goals

You should have concrete business goals for your website, and ideally these are lead and revenue based.

  1. Who are your customers? What are the different characteristics of your target audiences that will need to be considered during the redesign?
  2. What are your customers’ goals for visiting your website?
  3. How will you define success? What will make a successful website?  Is it an increase in website traffic?  An increase in sales leads? More phone calls? Automating your marketing?
  4. How much revenue should your website be responsible for generating each month (even if you don’t sell online)?

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