Make Your Website A Sales Tool By Answering These Crucial Questions

What if your company could get more traffic, leads and customers by doing a marketing-focused redesign?

What if you had a plan to get enough leads to up your sales quotas comfortably?

You can...if you ask the right questions.

Companies often redesign their websites for the wrong reasons, like to make them look better.  If you redesign with only intentions of improving aesthetics, the “newness” wears off and business won’t pick up, leaving you frustrated and on average about $15,000 poorer.

Discover the questions you need to ask before you start your website redesign:

  • Questions about your company
  • Goal-setting questions
  • Questions about content and content management
  • Questions about design aesthetic and brand standards
  • Marketing questions to help frame how the website redesign fits within your marketing campaigns 

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