Unlock your company's potential with a one-of-a-kind, leadership-level business analysis designed to finally determine a digital marketing plan that will generate a return on investment and reduce your chances of failure. With our exclusive insights, crafted from 25 years of digital marketing experience and 17 years of small business ownership, discover untapped opportunities to help you reach your revenue goals.

Why Choose Our Business Analysis?

  • Exclusivity: Our approach is unique. You simply won't find a business analysis like this anywhere else.
  • Expert-Led: Rick Whittington, with 17 years as a business owner and 25 years in digital marketing, will personally guide you through this informative process.
  • Goal-Driven: The analysis is based on your revenue goals and customer value, so we’ll show detailed numerical targets for leads and customers, then design a high-level plan to reach the goals.

How It Works

Step 1: Discovery Call

Schedule a 60-minute call with Rick to answer the following questions about your business:

  • Monthly website visitors?
  • Monthly leads/contacts from your website?
  • Monthly conversions from inquiries on your website?
  • Percentage of proposals that convert to sales?
  • Next 12-month revenue goal?
  • Desired website contribution to this revenue?
  • Last year's company revenue?
  • Annual value of a customer to your business?

Step 2: Analysis

We will take a deep dive into your answers, juxtaposing them against digital marketing best practices and strategies.

Step 3: Findings Presentation

We reconvene on a call to discuss the findings. You'll receive a comprehensive deck that lays out the business analysis, including actionable insights.

Your Investment

Your time commitment? Just 2 hours, split between the initial call and the presentation of findings.

Your financial commitment? Absolutely nothing. This offer is free for a limited time.

Schedule Your Initial Call

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